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How to Exchange Crypto into Rupiah at Pintu

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When you own a crypto asset (for example bitcoin), you can exchange bitcoin into Rupiah on Pintu.

Here are the steps to withdraw Bitcoin on Pintu. First thing before that, make sure you already have a verified Pintu account.

Send your Bitcoin to your Pintu wallet

First, open your Bitcoin wallet on Pintu, and get a wallet address.

You can access your bitcoin wallet on the home screen by slide right (you can find the Bitcoin card besides the Rupiah card). You can also click Bitcoin from the wallet menu.

Then tap receive/terima on the bitcoin wallet section to get a wallet address.

Send your Bitcoin from where you got your bitcoins to Pintu by making Pintu’s wallet address as the receiver.

When the Bitcoin have been received into Pintu’s wallet, we will send you a notification.

Sell your Bitcoin on Pintu

After Bitcoin has been received at Pintu’s wallet, the next step is to sell the bitcoins to exchange them into Rupiah balance.

You just have to open the bitcoin menu, then tap Sell/Jual.

Pintu is an instant exchange, all you have to do is enter the amount of bitcoin you want to sell then confirm the sale, and that’s it! Your bitcoin is now in a Rupiah balance.

Withdraw your rupiah balance

The next step is to withdraw the rupiah balance from the sale you made previously to your bank account.

First, register the bank account where you want to receive your money. Make sure the bank account is in your name.

After your bank account has been verified, you can start withdrawing your rupiah balance by opening the withdrawal menu form. You can open the form from a rupiah card/tab within the app then tap Withdraw/Tarik.

Next, fill in the form by entering the amount you want to withdraw and select the verified destination bank, then confirm the withdrawal. In less than 10 minutes, the funds will be ready in your account.

  • ) Withdrawal time depends on the destination bank, withdrawal time, and nominal amount of withdrawal.

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