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Introduction to Smart Contract Technologies

Reading Time: 8 minutes Cryptocurrencies are commonly known as investment assets. However, the technology underlying cryptocurrency offers so much more than that. One of the innovations that is introduced by crypto is smart contracts, which enable developers to build applications…
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A History of Bitcoin

Reading Time: 8 minutes Cryptocurrency is a new asset class born in 2009. The first crypto asset, Bitcoin, started the crypto industry as we know it today. Bitcoin eventually becomes the catalyst for many computer scientists in the world to…
Cryptocurrency Technology Beginner

How Blockchain Works?

Reading Time: 4 minutes Hailed as a potential game changer in the financial industry, blockchain is the technology that ensures the security of cryptocurrency transactions. In this article, we’ll go over how blockchain works and how it protects your cryptocurrency…
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51% Attack on Blockchains Explained: How Does It Work?

Reading Time: 3 minutes Bitcoin is superior to fiat currencies or government-issued currencies because of its blockchain technology. Blockchain is a digital ledger, whose data cannot be changed, ensuring double-spending or transactions using the same bitcoin more than once do…

What is Cryptocurrency and Blockchain?

Reading Time: 4 minutes What is a cryptocurrency? A cryptocurrency is a form of digital asset. Cryptocurrency is a combination of the word crypto and currency. The word crypto comes from cryptography. Using complex math, cryptography secures your funds. You…
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What is Bitcoin and Blockchain?

Reading Time: 5 minutes Bitcoin basics Bitcoin is the first digital asset/cryptocurrency that utilizes blockchain technology to ensure all transactions are secure and immutable. When people say the word “Bitcoin”, there are two different things the word “Bitcoin” might refer…