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What is Arkham Intelligence (ARKM)?

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Blockchain is famous for its pseudonymity, where transactions are recorded anonymously. Although all transactions are recorded on the ledger and can be accessed by anyone, the anonymous nature makes tracking and analyzing the transactions challenging. However, Arkham Intelligence comes with deanonymized technology. It allows users to track and analyze these anonymous transactions. So what is Arkham Intelligence? How does it work? Find out the answer in the following article.

Article Summary

  • 🖥️ Arkham Intelligence is an AI platform that can deanonymize blockchain and on-chain data.
  • 🔎 Arkham Intelligence allows users to analyze data from multiple blockchains and public sources, facilitating the identification and tracking of funds and transactions.
  • 🚀 There are two main features to Arkham Intelligence. First, the Intelligence Platform for blockchain data analysis. Second, the Intel Exchange for trading crypto intel information.
  • 🪙 ARKM is the native token in the Arkham Intelligence ecosystem. It can be used to pay for services on the Arkham Intelligence platform, staked for rewards, and as a governance token.

What is Arkham Intelligence?

Arkham Intelligence is an AI-based blockchain platform that can deanonymize blockchain and on-chain data. Arkham Intelligence allows users to analyze blockchain addresses and track the fund’s movement.

As a deanonymization platform, Arkham Intelligence enables users to identify the real-world entities behind blockchain addresses. This makes the project usable by law enforcement, financial institutions, and other organizations that need to track and investigate blockchain activity.

Arkham Intelligence can also visualize the activity happening on the blockchain. From these visualizations, users can identify patterns and relationships formed. Users can also sort data by entity and track the flow of funds using Arkham Intelligence. This is what sets Arkham Intelligence apart from other analytics platforms, which organize their data based on tokens.

How Arkham Intelligence Works

Arkham Intelligence can collect on-chain and off-chain data that may be linked to real-world identities. Some data includes pseudonym addresses, transaction histories, and specific smart contract codes. The data is taken from many blockchains, such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Avalanche, Polygon, and Arbitrum.

The raw data will then be converted into usable data. In this part, AI, as machine learning, has a big role in classifying pseudonym data into “entities.” In addition to blockchain, Arkham Intelligence also uses public data, social media, web scraping, and user contributions.

Then, the results can be broken down into data for each chain by combining them into one source. Later, all processed data will be displayed on a dashboard where users can track, process, and analyze the data instantaneously.

Through these data, users can see where a token is sent. In some cases, the data can also be used for tracking stolen funds, identifying fraud, and investigating crypto crimes.

For example, through Arkham Intelligence, it is possible to see how the perpetrators of the Euler Finance exploit moved their funds. It was found that there was a deposit transaction to a wallet controlled by North Korea's Lazarus Group.

Arkham Intelligence’s Features

Arkham Intelligence has two main features, the Intelligence Platform and Intel Exchange.

1. Intelligence Platform

Arkham Intelligence Platform has developed an AI system called Ultra. It is designed to collect and synthesize blockchain data from various sources, both on-chain and off-chain. With Ultra, Arkham Intelligence can convert raw transaction information on the blockchain into data displayed through The Profiler.

In The Profiler, users can access real-time or historical activity of an entity or individual. It categorizes the information into four formats:

  • Portfolio: On-chain data that displays the asset held by an address in real-time or historically. Data is categorized by token and chain.
  • Historical performance: The total historical profit or loss balance in US dollars.
  • Counterparties: Exchange usage by volume divided into deposits and withdrawals, and a top list of addresses counterparties by highest volume.
  • Transactions: Full transaction history that is updated in real time. This data can be filtered into various variables for ease of search.

The Intelligence Platform also has features like The Visualizer that allow users to analyze the relationship between individual addresses, entities, or specific transactions. There are also features such as Alerts or Dashboards that can be used according to the needs of each user.

2. Intel Exchange

Intel Exchange is a feature that allows users to trade address labels and other information. As a marketplace, it is a great place to distribute incentives to users who actively participate and provide information that links real-world identities to pseudonymous wallet addresses. There are four participants in the Intel Exchange: bounty hunters, bounty posters, intel merchants, and intel collectors.

Bounty posters must first stake ARKM as an initial bounty to search for on-chain intel data analysis in the bounty system. Once the bounty is posted, other bounty posters can add to the stake if they are also looking for the same data. This way, the staked rewards will increase and become an attractive incentive for bounty hunters

Bounty hunters must stake 10 ARKM before starting the data search. After finding the data, the data will go through an intel verification process first. If verified, the amount of rewards that bounty posters have posted will be theirs and the 10 ARKM will be returned. However, the 10 ARKM will be void if it does not pass verification.

Meanwhile, intel merchants must upload the crypto intel to be auctioned for verification in the auction system. Once approved, they must wait for interested intel collectors to bid on the data. Similar to the bounty system, intel merchants must stake 10 ARKM first. If accepted, 10 ARKM will be returned. If rejected, it will be void.

Data obtained by both bounty posters and intel collectors will be exclusive to them for 90 days. After that, the information will be available to all users of the Arkham Intelligence platform. Both bounties and auctions are conducted through smart contracts and are fully decentralized, with no centralized entity taking responsibility for the funds.

Controversies Surrounding Arkham Intelligence

As a platform that can deanonymize, the presence of Arkham Intelligence has drawn pros and cons in the crypto space. Many crypto players felt uncomfortable having their portfolios and financial history known by anyone.

As a result, the marketplace feature of Arkham Intelligence was dubbed “Dox-to-Earn,” with critics pointing out the possibility of misidentification or the potential of revealing the identities of regular people who might prefer to keep their crypto investments private.

However, Arkham Intelligence Founder and CEO Miguel Morel revealed that most blockchains clearly lack privacy. One indication is that anyone can see the wallet address used in crypto transactions.

"Public blockchains might be one of the worst ways to store private information. Imagine making a transaction sent to a decentralized network of millions of people where they can all see the details of the transaction on-chain," says Miguel Morel.

ARKM Token as Investment

ARKM token is the native token in the Arkham Intelligence ecosystem. As a utility token, its main function is to pay for services on the Arkham Intelligence platform. In addition, it can also be staked for additional rewards as well as a governance token.

ARKM has a total supply of 1 billion ARKM, of which only 150 million ARKM tokens are circulating in the market. In terms of price movement, ARKM has recently shown a positive trend. After hovering in the $0.5-$0.6 range since the end of 2023, in the last 15 days, ARKM has risen past $2.5 or up to 5x.

The recent buzz around AI has likely contributed to the increase in ARKM’s price. Arkham Intelligence will likely get a positive catalyst as an AI-based protocol whenever the AI narrative is strengthening. Understandably, every time there is a development in AI technology, traders immediately look for platforms related to AI, such as Arkham Intelligence.

So far, Arkham Intelligence is the only deanonymization platform. Other similar platforms are generally limited to tracking transactions (whale tracker) or analytics dashboard platforms (Dune, Token Terminal). While Arkham not only has both, it can even reveal identities in the real world.

In terms of use-case value, Arkham Intelligence is also the only public bounty platform. Users can use it to conduct information search competitions, such as uncovering scam addresses and hackers. It is a win-win platform for both bounty hunters and bounty posters.

This uniquely positions Arkham Intelligence in the AI and analytics platform sector. However, on the one hand, these advantages and features also carry the risk of resistance from those who disagree with their deanonymization goals.


Crypto intel, in its various forms, has helped bring transparency to the crypto and blockchain industry. As a platform providing such information, Arkham Intelligence allows users to track and identify all transactions.

However, the existence of Arkham Intelligence is also viewed negatively by some. Understandably, privacy is one of the essential aspects of blockchain technology. As a deanonymization platform, Arkham Intelligence is considered to break these boundaries.

Amidst the criticism, Arkham Intelligence was able to record user and blockchain growth. ARKM’s token valuation also rose thanks to being driven by the AI narrative. The criticism might continue, but crypto intelligence still has room to grow. Ultimately, it can become another tool for traders, developers, and exchanges to make smarter decisions.

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